welcome to pretty on point

bringing your most creative ideas to life is our goal. we strongly believe that every client vision can become reality. this is why we are proud partners to the worlds best advertising agencies and brands. we are commercial, beauty and hair retouching experts. we are pretty on point – changing the retouching game since 1994.

what our clients say about us

"The team of pretty on point is unconventional and creative. Just like me. I have extremely demanding clients and that’s why I’m also a demanding client for retouching studios, I know that. That’s why I work with pretty on point. Everything is just right when we work together: personal chemistry, time management, solution orientation and technical expertise. Often, lateral thinkers are required for my projects and then someone of pretty on point comes to the set. Especially in photo composing and look development, where no standard solutions are required, but extraordinary ideas." • Achim Lippoth, photographer

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