welcome to pretty on point

we get so hung up about being pretty. let’s be
pretty strong. pretty kind. pretty funny. pretty smart. pretty peaceful - leave the rest to us.

we are hair, beauty and commercial retouching
experts since 1994 and pretty happy to meet you.

what our clients say about us

"As an international agency, we are always looking for partners at eye level who fit in with us. Creativity is THE currency. It is the driver for every change, every development and every innovation. But creativity requires certain prerequisites such as an open atmosphere, humour, trust and tolerance. All these are not only to be found in our agency, but also at pretty on point. Together we also develop projects on a very creative and partly artistic level. Somehow they find a solution for everything. In the beginning you often think: Let’s see if they can realize this crazy idea. And in the end it’s always like this: they can. Pretty on point are solution providers I can rely on. I have been working with Stefan Kranefeld for over 15 years now. I value professionals who know their value. Unfortunately, the sentence „If you buy cheaply, you buy twice“ is often correct." • Birgit Paulat, Head of Art Buying, proximity GmbH (previously BBDO Düsseldorf)