quotes, bonmots and aphorisms of einstein and us about life, the way of working, the philosophy, the team and other miracles. we are pretty on point – changing the retouching game since 1994.

pretty on point • nicole niestroj, stefan kranefeld, jan wischermann
pretty on point • nicole niestroj, stefan kranefeld, jan wischermann

stefan kranefeld imaging and jan wischermann retouching now operate under pretty on point.

Stefan Kranefeld Imaging, the studio specializing in photo retouching, is now called pretty on point. In addition, Nicole Niestroj and Jan Wischermann join the studio as new partners.

With the two retouchers old acquaintances were brought into the management board: since 2002 Nicole Niestroj complements the team and since the beginning of 2018 Jan Wischermann is on board.

„It is extremely difficult to find top people in the field who also harmonize well with people, so I am very happy that in February 2018 I have been able to enlarge our team with Jan and also win him as a managing partner,“ says Stefan Kranefeld.

Stefan Kranefeld Imaging was launched in 1994. Since its founding, the traditional studio focusing on hair and beauty retouching in the premium sector has been a partner for many well-known advertising agencies, photographers and industrial customers. Among the many national and international customers are BBDO, DDB, Grey, Havas, McCann, Ogilvy, Scholz&Friends, TBWA, Thjnk, Try No Agency, Zum Goldenen Hirschen, Henkel, Kaufhof and Fortuna Dusseldorf.

we can’t solve problems by using
the same kind of thinking we used
when we created them.

albert einstein

for us, photography is the basis for everything. for all our work.

„The best guarantee for an optimal result is and remains a terrific photo. Of course even more then today. Due to the technical achievements, the photographer no longer needs to compose everything exactly as he did a few decades ago. If the customer, like Dior, wanted a woman in front of elephants, the photographer (in the case of Richard Avedon) had to locate a traveling circus and photograph model Dovima posing in a long plastic dress in front of the elephants. Nowadays you usually solve that differently. Mind you, we are talking about composing, not the quality of photography. Because it does not mean that you can turn a bad photo into something outstanding. If the root is missing, no tree can grow. On the other hand, you can easily make a bad picture out of an excellent picture with a dilettante retouching. Cutting off the tree is always possible. Root or not. “ stefan kranefeld

there are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle.

albert einstein

it’s all about the people behind the titles –
there’s no i in team.

„In our studio are no average people united, here you find originals with special skills. Each in its own way. In addition, these people are united by a big heart and a sense of snow. By that I mean, a sense of the magical moments in life. For example, I love our family lunches in the studio with the entire team. Eat a bit, clink, laugh and then get back to work relaxed.“ elke schmidt

„Jan is definitely the young savage of the troupe. He is an impetus, steps forward in the direction of the future and tries to quickly and efficiently implement our common visions. And he is an incredible networker. Stefan is the eye. He really can solve ANY problem through his incredible experience and persistence. What he does very well is to convey things. In my opinion, an excellent lecturer has been lost to him. And I am very perfectionist in the picture. Moreover, as I said, my nature is connecting, binding and empathetic. Things get really round with Dani and Elke, because everything works hand in hand with the whole team.“ nicole niestroj

pretty on point • elke schmidt
pretty on point • elke schmidt

everything should be made
as simple as possible,
but no simpler.

albert einstein

we are changing the retouching game since 1994. and we are just getting started.

„We like the first moment when looking at an image, because it has something magical. You receive a picture and let it work on you. And immediately many ideas come to mind, what can be made out of this motive. We love this moment of the first impression. The biggest thing is when the client gives you complete freedom saying: `Go wild and make it pop.‘ Fireworks in our heads.“ daniela preiß

„In retouching, we are once against specialized in the „royal discipline of hair“ and we have made this as a kind of pioneer – 1994 already. A strategic decision that requires a good sense for the needs of the clients or courage. Or like my partner Stefan has, both.“ jan wischermann

pretty on point • daniela preiß
pretty on point • daniela preiß
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